Vegetables changelog

Vegetables 2.0.1

  • the vegetables documentation template is updated to use reveal.js and the static search engine.
  • fixed: special pages (e.g. search page) with common handlebars helpers (e.g. active), for example in partials, was not parsed.
  • fixed: special layouts did not work since multiple folder indexes were allowed.

Vegetables 2.0.0

  • remark is now replaced with reveal.js for slideshow rendering. This enhancement leads to broken compatibility in customized templates.
  • images are displayed responsively in template.
  • new tag: default to get the first not null value between two.

Vegetables 1.0.16

  • tables style is enhanced in template.

Vegetables 1.0.15

  • new template tags: slideshow.logoUrl, slideshow.logoPositionX and logoPositionY.logoPositionY, to display a logo in slideshows.

Vegetables 1.0.14

  • folder index file is parsed from, in this order:, README.markdown, or home.markdown. This is useful when using GitLab wiki feature.

Vegetables 1.0.13

  • gollum partially compatible. For now: links without .md or .markdown are treated.

Vegetables 1.0.12

  • new tag: toc, to display a table of contents
  • new tag: truncate to display a text summary
  • default template enhanced to display summary in list pages
  • new tags: lt and gt, to test lower or greater values in templates

Vegetables 1.0.11

  • fixed: html-to-text dependency was missing...

Vegetables 1.0.10

  • new currentUri for additional pages
  • common handlebars helpers registered in a special file
  • new handlebars helpers: textize and json, which translate to text and to JSON
  • default template enhanced to allow searches, using Tipue search

Vegetables 1.0.9

  • fixed: {{baseUri}} did not work properly with the default template
  • first implementation for additional pages, aka blog pages, such as site index, category and tags pages
  • new handlebars helper: slugize, eq and neq
  • default template enhanced to create site index and category/tags pages

Vegetables 1.0.8

  • handlebars replace the mustache render engine
  • partial files handled, thanks to handlebars, with partial-*.html files in the template directory

Vegetables 1.0.7

  • configuration file: it is now possible to use wildcards in pageOptions documents name
  • message added when the website is successfully deployed

Vegetables 1.0.6

  • layout support, e.g. layout-homepage.html, read from file tags or page options
  • template - slideshow: transitions between slides enhanced
  • assets files were not updated while serving

Vegetables 1.0.5

  • generation asynchronous process enhanced (and optimized) to be able to start the browser and live reload at the right moment

Vegetables 1.0.4

  • new options: scripts before and after to execute commands before and/or after generation
  • serve mode: the Web site is automatically opened in browser
  • live reload in preview mode, can be disabled in the configuration file

Vegetables 1.0.3

  • configuration: pageOptions available, i.e. customized tags par page
  • template - slideshow: one-line code enhanced and transitions between slides
  • frontmatter notation is supported, as yaml or json
  • new CLI parameters: template, globaltitle, host and port
  • configuration file supports YAML, with this priority: the file provided in CLI parameters < vegetables.yaml < vegetables.json

Vegetables 1.0.2

  • Non elegant logs removed
  • Access address enhanced

Vegetables 1.0.1

  • svg format added to the media files
  • default template enhancement: page title not displayed on small screens
  • baseUri is now calculated as relative path

Vegetables 1.0.0

First version, with:

  • multiple formats template
  • generate and serve features
  • deploy on GitHub pages feature
  • ...