Vegetables roadmap

The future cool features and enhancements

For now

This is my internal todo list, sorted by priority.
If you think that some points are more important for you, let me know, I will change priorites. Or you can contribute.

  • per-xxx-yyy.html where xxx should be a variable tag (e.g. for authors, types, ...)
  • add pagination for list-based pages (e.g. category-yyy-z.html where z is the page number)
  • more gollum compatibility, such as sequence diagrams and mathematics
  • read list templates options (listTemplatesOptions) from configuration file, to set title, filename mask, pagination count, ...
  • helper: move active helper (returns true if the URI is the current page's one) as common helper
  • helper: page-only, change slideMarkdown from tag to helper
  • add plugin manager, for markdown to slideshow, ..., maybe with
  • slideshow content should be a handlebars helper, in order to call it only when required
  • optimization: templates and partials should be cleaned only when the file date changes
  • sometimes, vegetables serve stops at startup with an error (not seen since a while and many updates...)
  • option: rename to index.html (default: true)
  • set .vegetables as a constant or a configuration variable (no... rmrf on a variable seems to be dangerous...)
  • prevent from concurrent generation
  • tag: if git versions the folder, get the release hash, tag and branch


  • remote template checkout: if template is a GitHub address, clone it to .vegetables/git-template and change the internal variable to this path
  • new command: ftp-deploy
  • HTTP error pages?